Friday, July 31, 2009

July 29&30, 2009


  1. Happy Birthday Phil!!

    Wow, Janie, Ali, Phil, Cupcakes? WHY WAS I NOT IN NEW YORK FOR THIS??!!

    Although, not to be one to criticize, but I am still unclear of "Paul Style"?

  2. Paul who style?

    I didn't know that by never having been to New York, that I was missing out on a cupcake getting blown out in the style of a Paul.

    Now I must to New York go. ;-)

  3. You are such a hopeful happy person...I really do believe that your positive attitude evidenced here is going to be the key in bringing you the bright future you are clearly headed for. It's exciting to watch.
    Signed, a fan in the early stages (-that oughta count for something later on when you're all famousy. ;))